To obtain results for clients, our strategy is to create a clear-cut and successful marketing plan, that depend on the following components:

  • GENUINE RELATIONSHIPS with clients and in-market partners, we ensure a program that goes together with the overall marketing and sales goals of the organization. We believe in forming and nurturing personal relationships with members of the industry, whether it be a supplier, buyer or member of the press. Anyone that works in the tourism industry, primarily international markets, knows that without a personal touch relationships will not flourish.
  • MARKET INTELLIGENCE analyzing industry trends, up-to-date statistics, identifying significant developments and evaluating marketing tactics.
  • REVIEWING CURRENT MARKETING TACTICS used by a client and propose INNOVATIVE INSIGHTS, fresh and creative ideas to strengthen already successful activities in place and continue to build momentum for a client with novel concepts.

Whether it's organizing special marketing programs designed to attract interest in target audiences, participating in important travel tradeshows, or developing relationships with influential media and buyers in the targeted markets, we are specialists at implementing activities that will put a spotlight on your product and help establish and maintain your success.