Who We Are

Spotlight Marketing & Public Relations is a boutique PR agency and brand marketing firm created to promote tourism destinations and products internationally.

With more than 18 years in the tourism industry working with destinations, major theme attractions, hotels and resorts and rental car agencies, the Spotlight team has extensive sales, marketing, public relations and promotions experience to bring their clients to the next level.

  • Our objective is straightforward – increased sales and media exposure for our clients.
  • Our approach is simple – don't forget the basics, focus on relationships and breathe creativity.
  • Our philosophy is uncomplicated – OBTAIN RESULTS

Simple does not mean effortless as Basics and Relationships require dedication, perseverance and diligence. Creativity compels our team to step out of the box, forgo the predictable route, so our clients stop being invisible and take center stage. What makes us stand out from the crowd? Passion. We take on accounts that we know we will be passionate about and able to give 100 percent of ourselves.

We are supported by a network of international associates in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Chile, England, France, Germany, Mexico and Russia that are amongst the most respected in the industry and will only deliver success for our clients.

Meet the Team